We design, build and host custom websites. 


Hosting Websites

We host every website that we build. This helps us ensure that our websites are always available, secure and fast.

By combining server technologies which focus on performance, flexibility, stability and scalability we have created a system which we are very proud of. We also use CDNs (content delivery networks) to ensure that all static content is as close as possible to where it is needed.

Many website owners dream of a Twitter user with millions of followers mentioning their website but would their website be able to handle 1000s of requests within a second?

Secure Hosting

We can provide secure hosting for any website that we create. By using the right techniques we ensure that these web sites are both secure and fast. An example is this website, which achieves an "A+" in the well respected Qualys SSL Labs report (which tests it's certificate security) and also receives straight A's from WebPageTest.org which tests performance.

SSL Labs - Secure Hosting

Secure hosting is suitable for any type of website, it is not only commerce which benefit. Search engines have openly stated that website which are provided from secure domains do receive a bonus in their ranking.

Collecting and analysing data is essential for any website. Even in its simplest form it can highlight problems in your web site. A live, daily, weekly or monthly report can be provided which will tell you about who your visitors are, how they found you and how they used your website.

Imagine learning that '80% of your visitors who were browsing using a mobile only viewed one page of your website'. What does that tell you? What action can be taken? By interrogating the data you are able to gleam incredibly valuable information about your customers in an entirely unobtrusive manner. By learning the lessons that this data provides you can improve your site and watch as the statistics confirm the improvement.

Measuring Goals

As described in our web strategy setting goals in extremely important for every business. Measuring goals within a website is far easier than, for example, a grocery stall in a market. Imagine visiting the stall and being asked:

  • Have you been here before?
  • How did you find us?
  • How long did you spend looking through our products?
  • Did you tell your friends about us?
  • Would you mind waiting while I write all this information down?

.......and so on.....

While an incredibly skilful salesperson may be able to gather all this information, most will not and an attempt to may lead to losing customers.

By contrast measuring website visitors is incredibly easy. The skill within analytics is interpreting the data. Reports can be created to show a vast array of information. Your reports can be set to measure your goals and automatically inform you when they are achieved or missed.


We can provide business email for your domain (name@your_domain.com). Email should be safe, secure, organized, fast and easily accessible. We provide email with these features:

  • Safety: Email is backed up in multiple locations so even if multiple server fails your email can still be recovered.
  • Synchronisation: Email can be integrated with most mail clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) and mobile clients. It is fully compatible with POP3 and IMAP.
  • Spam Filtering: Without a spam filter email addresses can be deluged with unsolicited mail so we use smart filters to block the unwanted emails while allowing normal messages through.
  • Attaching Documents: The email system we provide is able to accept attached documents of up to 10GB.
  • Fast Setup: Once domain email has been set-up we can create new addresses and users within minutes.

If there are any other features you require which are not listed then please get in touch as we have only listed the most common features.